Grassy Path to Paved Sidewalk

Shortly JBVC operated at 105 Gibson Cultural Café, JBVC approached City of Markham to change the grassy path on the south side of Gibson to a paved sidewalk for visually impaired person (VIP).

We had face-to-face meeting with City representative regarding our request. We learned during the meeting our request was not easily to fulfill for at least two reasons, beside the unknown environmental impact which may prevent the sidewalk to be built. There was already a sidewalk on the north side of Gibson, and it is unusual for the City to build another sidewalk on the same street. Furthermore, There may not be many people to use the sidewalk and therefore, it is not feasible for the City to do it. We had felt discourage after the meeting. However, we put our faith in God! Because God brought VIP to Gibson and He will make the way for us!

Praise the Lord! He answered our prayers! God opened the City representative’s heart shortly after our meeting! He agreed with our need and put forward the recommendation to build the paved sidewalk for VIP!

For the glory of God, City of Markham has removed the grassy path on the south side of Gibson with the paved sidewalk in spring 2018! The construction project completed within a few weeks! Today VIP and Gibson’s users can safely walk to the Centre! Once again, God has made the impossible to possible! May all the glory and praises be our Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Amen!

View of construction sidewalk


“I Know What I Want…”

It is always a challenge to invite visually impaired people (VIP) to step out of their home and work. Some of the reasons are having low self-esteem toward themselves for being a visually impaired; lacking of confidence to achieve their dream; and convince that they cannot work and contribute back to the society due to their disability. Continue reading ““I Know What I Want…””

陳弟兄受浸見証(Brother Chan’s Testimony)

在我未信主前,我是一個很自我人,不懂得去愛人,婚後也不愉快,最終也離婚收場.從此事帶來人生很大的打擊,意志消沉,慢慢健康也出現問題,視力有初步困難,但感恩的我有機會聽聞主的救恩,初信時;信心不足,生活仍是浮浮沉沉,人生失去方向,終日心裡充滿埋怨,其後視力仍繼續惡化,到了最近因近乎全肓,在此絕望中我便認識了Rev Danny Leung他是一個基督教組織肓人事工的負責人,他對我有許多信仰輔導,幫助我切底認識自己的罪,要靠主遠離罪,走進一個光明的人生,我現在人生重新拾回做人的方向,走出自己自憐的光境,參與Gibson中心裡開始的文化咖啡廊的工作,今後我願意努力認識主,帶著主給我的召命與Rev Danny一同服侍一群與我們一樣遭遇的人.