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Dinner/Lunch in the Dark 暗中夜宴

Introducing the Exciting Dining Experience, all senses will be tantalized as guests are served a three course meal to explore your senses to the fullest! This unique experience is the perfect event for families, groups and corporations to enjoy this exciting “in the dark” experience! Event is organized by JBVC.

由樂明視障團舉辦, 是次活動在全黑的環境中進行,參加者事先不會知道餐桌上有甚麼食物, 只能用嗅、味、觸覺去享受晚餐, 既神秘又好玩, 又能細意品嚐食物的真味!

Our recent Lunch in the Dark event:

Date:   Saturday March 23th, 2019
Cost: Free while donation is welcomed
Venue: Chinese Gospel Church 多倫多華人福音堂
450 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G6
Time: noon

If you are interested in future events, please email to dine@joybeyondvision.ca or contact Rev. Leung at 647.558.5282.

Dinner in the Dark (Chinese)
Dinner in the Dark (Chinese)
Dinner in the Dark (English)
Dinner in the Dark (English)