Grassy Path to Paved Sidewalk

Shortly JBVC operated at 105 Gibson Cultural Café, JBVC approached City of Markham to change the grassy path on the south side of Gibson to a paved sidewalk for visually impaired person (VIP).

We had face-to-face meeting with City representative regarding our request. We learned during the meeting our request was not easily to fulfill for at least two reasons, beside the unknown environmental impact which may prevent the sidewalk to be built. There was already a sidewalk on the north side of Gibson, and it is unusual for the City to build another sidewalk on the same street. Furthermore, There may not be many people to use the sidewalk and therefore, it is not feasible for the City to do it. We had felt discourage after the meeting. However, we put our faith in God! Because God brought VIP to Gibson and He will make the way for us!

Praise the Lord! He answered our prayers! God opened the City representative’s heart shortly after our meeting! He agreed with our need and put forward the recommendation to build the paved sidewalk for VIP!

For the glory of God, City of Markham has removed the grassy path on the south side of Gibson with the paved sidewalk in spring 2018! The construction project completed within a few weeks! Today VIP and Gibson’s users can safely walk to the Centre! Once again, God has made the impossible to possible! May all the glory and praises be our Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Amen!

View of construction sidewalk


2017 Reflection and Looking Ahead!

Reflecting of 2017


  • Praise the Lord, JBVC has established a bimonthly meeting for the VIP in Mississauga in the beginning of 2017. We have five VIP and their family members attended the meeting. One VIP has accepted Christ as his personal Savior, and another VIP and his wife have baptized and joined the local church in this Christmas season!
  • Early of the year, God brought a group of caring and dedicated Christians to JBVC, together they assisted JBVC to launch “VIP Thanks Your Love” an open house event on Saturday April 29, 2017. The event was hosted at 105 Gibson Centre. Over 300 people came and visited us, including Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Markham, Councilors from City of Markham and City of Richmond Hills, Senior Pastor from local churches also came to support us! In addition, we have Guide Dogs for the Blind from US, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and Talking book Library were showcasing their services to the public. We gave out over 500 cups of award winning HK style milk tea and VIP homemade snacks to our guests! Praise the Lord, the event went very successful and the community gained more knowledge about VIP and JBVC!
  • For the Glory of God, we have VIP participated in 2017 north America international Kamcha competition and VIP won the North America champion as well as the first runner up positions! One of our VIP represented North America to attend the final competition in Hong Kong and won the fifth position! VIP were able to testify God’s amazing work in their life and able to witness in Christ all things are possible!
  • For God’s glory, we were able to serve our award winning HK style milk tea to local churches while we shared about God’s Word. In addition, we were able to partnership with other organizations to serve tea in various community events!


Looking Forward to 2018


  • JBVC will continue to host regular meeting for our VIP in Toronto and Mississauga in 2018. Furthermore, if God is willing, we will outreach to the VIP in Vancouver Canada.
  • JBVC is having a 5KM run / walk on Saturday May 5, 2018 in Mississauga. It is a fundraising event for JBVC. We will provide free training to all people prior the run / walk. We are praying more people to support us in this fundraise event! More information will be sent out in early 2018!

TCBC Community Fair 2017-08-13

時間: 2017年8月13日 下午12點到3點
地點: 多倫多華人浸信會 (比華利街76號)


Come join us for FREE burgers*, fries, ice cream, fun activities and more!

WHEN: Sunday, August 13, 2017 12pm to 3pm
WHERE: Toronto Chinese Baptist Church (76 Beverley St.)

*while supplies last

文化咖啡廊開放日獲市長及巿民支持 盼大眾更了解及關注視障人士景況

樂明視障團為慶祝位於萬錦市 105 Gibson Drive 的文化咖啡廊邁向四週年,昨日 (較早前) 下午舉行的“VIP謝謝你的愛”文化咖啡廊開放日,獲萬錦市市長、多名萬錦及烈治文山市議員、以及大批市民出席,除免費品嘗獲奬港式奶茶及欣賞豐富節目外,與會者均增加對視障人士的了解,對視障人士積極重投社會工作給予極大支持。

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JBVC VIP Café Open House April 29, 2017


嘉賓: Frank Scarpitti (麥咸市市長),Justin Altmann及夫人 (史托維爾市市長),Jack Heath (麥咸市副市長) ,何胡景議員(麥咸市) ,廖立暉議員(烈治文市),Joe Choi先生及Anna Pow女仕 (香港咖啡红茶協會北美主席及副主席) ,吳克定牧師(多倫多華基主仼牧師),陳華恩牧師 (105 Gibson中心總幹事)
統籌: Alfred Sung, Betty Hsueh, Connie Tam, Eddie Chan (兼剪接), Stephen Woo (兼攝影)
特别鳴謝: 105 Gibson Center, 香港咖啡红茶協會,厚泰印刷,Secrets Floral Collection, The Seeds Band , 李立本先生, Mike Lam (攝影),Mary Wu (翻譯), Xenia Chow (字幕), 張先生及殷太(視障人仕表演嘉賓),所有場地及招待的義工團隊