Thank you for making Project Spotlight happen!

Praise to our Lord that the Project Spotlight event has been completed successfully, with over 600 people and among them were 45 VIP and their families and friends, coming together to enjoy 《Dot 2 Dot》, the first Chinese descriptive movie in Canada.

We would like to say a special thank you to all the innovative partners and supporters listed below to make this dream come true! To all our amazing volunteers, with your hard work and determination, you have made the history!
Your love to our VIP will always be remembered and appreciated by all VIP! May our Lord Jesus Christ reward you all! Let us continue to create the inclusiveness and barriers free community for our VIP!

  • BrokerTeam Insurance
BrokerTeam Insurance
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CAA Insurance
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UofT CAN Drama
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Aviva Insurance
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University of Toronto Libraries
  • Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library
Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library
  • Circus Image
  • dot 2 dot production limited
dot 2 dot production limited
  • Tone Labs Music Academy
Tone Labs Music Academy
  • mean bao.
mean bao.
Other Supporters:

  • Golden Scene Company Limited
  • Gore Mutual Insurance Foundation
  • Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario
  • Navigator
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  • TLM Band
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  • Norah Black
  • Steve Borlak
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  • John Fenton
  • Betty Xie

Project Spotlight 《Dot 2 Dot》 Oct. 27, 2018

For the grace of God, and thanks to BrokerTeam Insurance and many other organizations and supporters who come and work together to create the descriptive video in Cantonese and Mandarin for Chinese visually impaired people (VIP) in GTA!

We wish all VIP in GTA will attend this special movie viewing, “Dot 2 Dot” with family and friends! It is on Saturday October 27 2:15pm, 2018! Ticket is free of charge and shuttle bus is available for VIP in Mississauga, Scarborough and Markham. Please contact us by phone or email for ticketing information and reservation. Shuttle bus seat reservation is also required.

今年十月,聯合保險將與樂明視障團為加拿大創造首場華語口述影像電影會,活動名為“Project SPOTLIGHT”,將這種無障礙共融體驗帶給多倫多社區。


日期: 2018年10月27日下午2:15-4:45
地點: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Centre
演員:     陳豪, 蒙亭宜, 林子聰, 邵音音, 邵仲衡, 張雪芹
出席嘉賓: 鄺珮詩 (監製),黃浩然 (導演),張雪芹(演員),文善(原著作者)

Project Spotlight
第34届香港電影金像獎 新晉導演(提名) 黄浩然
第34届香港電影金像獎 最佳新演員(提名) 张雪芹
第15届華語電影傳媒大獎 最佳新導演(提名) 黄浩然

故事簡介: 從多倫多回流的雪聰(陳豪飾),多年來在香港不同的角落畫下神秘圖案,一直都未被任何人發現。直到最近,從長春南下當普通話老師的小雪(蒙亭宜 飾)偶然之下發現並成功破解,連起所有這些沒有數字的點點圖,一幅又一幅與從前的香港息息相關的圖案、回憶活現於這個繁忙的城市。但究竟是誰留下這些圖案?又會是誰把它連起呢?二人決定要在這個開埠170多年兼住了700多萬人的城市,展開一場猜情尋遊戲……    《點對點》精華片段

Email 電郵:
Phone 查詢電話: 647-558-5282


West Toronto Christian Community Church
Unit 78 – 80,
1177 Central Parkway West
Toronto Chinese Methodist church
8 Metropolitan Road
Toronto Christian Community Church
100 Acadia Ave

首場為本地視障人士而設的電影下月公映 — Sep 26, 2018 (ON) | OMNI Ontario Cantonese

視障人士也可以觀賞的電影 — Oct 8, 2018 | CCUE.SINGTAO.CA

神的恩典讓聯合保險(BrokerTeam Insurance) 及眾多公司、機構關懷視障人士的生活品質,為我們預備了華語口述電影,希望多倫多的視障人士也都能享有娛樂生活。
聯合保險企業社會責任關懷活動- Project SPOTLIGHT 簡介

New Employment Opportunity for VIP

With the support from Right-Hear, our 105 Gibson Cultural Café location is now the first Café in Canada which is listed in the “Nearby Accessibility Zones” of “Right-Hear” app!

“Right-Hear” provides voice orientation for visually impaired person (VIP) and the app can be downloaded in both Android and iOS for free. It allows users to know their current location, get 360° of space orientation by simply pointing the phone to a specific direction. You can learn more about “Right-Hear” and feel free to download the app and visit the Café to experience it!

If God is willing, JBVC will have VIP to setup the system and install the beacon in other venue! It will be an employment opportunity for VIP! Feel free to contact us for more information!

Grassy Path to Paved Sidewalk

Shortly JBVC operated at 105 Gibson Cultural Café, JBVC approached City of Markham to change the grassy path on the south side of Gibson to a paved sidewalk for visually impaired person (VIP).

We had face-to-face meeting with City representative regarding our request. We learned during the meeting our request was not easily to fulfill for at least two reasons, beside the unknown environmental impact which may prevent the sidewalk to be built. There was already a sidewalk on the north side of Gibson, and it is unusual for the City to build another sidewalk on the same street. Furthermore, There may not be many people to use the sidewalk and therefore, it is not feasible for the City to do it. We had felt discourage after the meeting. However, we put our faith in God! Because God brought VIP to Gibson and He will make the way for us!

Praise the Lord! He answered our prayers! God opened the City representative’s heart shortly after our meeting! He agreed with our need and put forward the recommendation to build the paved sidewalk for VIP!

For the glory of God, City of Markham has removed the grassy path on the south side of Gibson with the paved sidewalk in spring 2018! The construction project completed within a few weeks! Today VIP and Gibson’s users can safely walk to the Centre! Once again, God has made the impossible to possible! May all the glory and praises be our Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Amen!

View of construction sidewalk


2017 Reflection and Looking Ahead!

Reflecting of 2017


  • Praise the Lord, JBVC has established a bimonthly meeting for the VIP in Mississauga in the beginning of 2017. We have five VIP and their family members attended the meeting. One VIP has accepted Christ as his personal Savior, and another VIP and his wife have baptized and joined the local church in this Christmas season!
  • Early of the year, God brought a group of caring and dedicated Christians to JBVC, together they assisted JBVC to launch “VIP Thanks Your Love” an open house event on Saturday April 29, 2017. The event was hosted at 105 Gibson Centre. Over 300 people came and visited us, including Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Markham, Councilors from City of Markham and City of Richmond Hills, Senior Pastor from local churches also came to support us! In addition, we have Guide Dogs for the Blind from US, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and Talking book Library were showcasing their services to the public. We gave out over 500 cups of award winning HK style milk tea and VIP homemade snacks to our guests! Praise the Lord, the event went very successful and the community gained more knowledge about VIP and JBVC!
  • For the Glory of God, we have VIP participated in 2017 north America international Kamcha competition and VIP won the North America champion as well as the first runner up positions! One of our VIP represented North America to attend the final competition in Hong Kong and won the fifth position! VIP were able to testify God’s amazing work in their life and able to witness in Christ all things are possible!
  • For God’s glory, we were able to serve our award winning HK style milk tea to local churches while we shared about God’s Word. In addition, we were able to partnership with other organizations to serve tea in various community events!


Looking Forward to 2018


  • JBVC will continue to host regular meeting for our VIP in Toronto and Mississauga in 2018. Furthermore, if God is willing, we will outreach to the VIP in Vancouver Canada.
  • JBVC is having a 5KM run / walk on Saturday May 5, 2018 in Mississauga. It is a fundraising event for JBVC. We will provide free training to all people prior the run / walk. We are praying more people to support us in this fundraise event! More information will be sent out in early 2018!

TCBC Community Fair 2017-08-13

時間: 2017年8月13日 下午12點到3點
地點: 多倫多華人浸信會 (比華利街76號)


Come join us for FREE burgers*, fries, ice cream, fun activities and more!

WHEN: Sunday, August 13, 2017 12pm to 3pm
WHERE: Toronto Chinese Baptist Church (76 Beverley St.)

*while supplies last