DIY護理毛孩子工作坊 Grooming workshop – 2022/07/09

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當你check in 狗狗到寵物店之後,美容師會做什麼直到你接回狗狗?

日期: 2022年7月9日 (星期六)
時間: 1:30PM-3:00PM
地點: 105 Gibson Centre Cultural Cafe
內容: 護理小毛孩 & 視障人士與導盲犬小常識
講員: Angie Yeung – 10年以上寵物美容經驗
收費: $15 (獲贈小禮物一份及熱飲一杯)
全費會捐去Save dog cat rescue group
語言: 廣東話, 英文
注意事項:   由於場地關係不能攜帶寵物入內

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查詢請電:(647) 771-5282 / WhatsApp 留言

Have you ever wonder what happens after you check in the dog to the groom shop?
What will the groomer do until you pick up your dog?
What are the steps to daily maintain your little furry baby?
How to clean dog ears, brush, manicure, wipe eyes?
What should I do with different dog coats? Finally, if you want to know how guide dogs can help the visually impaired people, welcome to join our “ DIY care for furry baby workshop”

Date: Saturday June 4th, 2022
Time: 1:30PM-3:00PM
Location: 105 Gibson Cultural Cafe
Speaker: Angie Yeung – 10years of grooming experience
Activities: Maintaining a furry baby and Brief understanding of Guide dog with visually impaired people
Price: $15 small gift + hot drinks
All Money will go towards Save dog cat rescue group
Language:   Cantonese, English
Note: Due to venue policy, pets are not allow

If you are interested, please register online:

For inquiry:(647) 771-5282 / WhatsApp message

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