“VIP Thank You for Your Love” Cultural Café Open House (April 29, 2017)

Cultural Café invites you to our Open House on April 29, 2017 to celebrate our 4th Anniversary! We will be offering FREE HK-style Tea, VIP (Visually Impaired People) performances & sharing, Q&A session, booth & information centers and more!
Date: April 29, 2017
Time: 1:30-5:00pm
Location: 105 Gibson Drive, Markham
Contact Info –
Email: info@jbvc.ca
Phone: 416-725-3269

Opening Doors for All Abilities-Making AODA a Priority at Your Church

Opening Doors for All Abilities
Opening Doors for All Abilities


AODA, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, has been enforced as law since 2005. It mandates all organizations to provide equal access to business and programs to all persons with disabilities.

This day is an opportunity to learn what you can do to meet the legal requirements for AODA within your church and programs.

There is a general session with an overview of the AODA legislation. A panel of representatives from different disability groups will explain how accessibility affects their participation at our churches. Four concurrent workshops after the general session will address the applications of AODA in the areas of:

  • Philosophy of Inclusion: Pastoral considerations
  • Practical considerations for children and youth ministries
  • Accessible environment
  • Drafting an AODA policy

A list of resources will be provided at the workshop to help you with implementation.

Register now at Registration fees is $10.

This event is organized by the Church Network for Supporting Disabilities and is co-sponsored by Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and Richmond Hill Christian Community Church.

Join us for an opportunity to learn about the legal requirements for AODA within your church and programs. Keynote speaker and panelists:

Rev. Rob Miner – Keynote

Mrs. Lynne Leyland – Panelist

Rev. Danny Leung – Panelist

Venue and Registration Details: Richmond Hill Christian community Church

9670 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON. L4C 9X9

Feb. 9, 2017 9am – 1 PM

Register Oline Now 


2016 Fall Newsletter (Chinese)







感謝主!七月份JBVC有兩位VIP參加 2016 國際北美地區金茶王比賽。在衆多有経驗的明眼參賽者中,最後VIP 獲得亞軍和安慰獎。上帝再次得著榮耀。盼望日後 JBVC 有更多機會與不同機構和教會合作,將神所賜服侍教會和社區。

可讀416加国生活网記者 Stella Zhu 的訪問



感謝主,上帝帶領一位從夏威夷來的朋友,來到culture Cafe 和Pastor Danny見面。三個月前這位朋友不能接受自己視力漸漸消沉。Rev. Danny 和他分享神在他生命中的見証。他得著鼓勵。二星期後,他決志信主。現在返教會,祈禱會及主日学。生命變得積極。他分享他現在人生,在神裏有盼望。



  1. 求神帶領義工到cafe and JBVC 事工事奉
  2. 盼望上帝呼召一位同工在JBVC事奉。
  3. 求神帶領,計劃在2017開展在密市服侍當地的失明人士的事工。
  4. 2017JBVC經費,求神藉教會及弟兄姊妹愛心的支持。

2016 Fall Newsletter (English version)

Ministry Update


60 volunteers and VIPs were able to reach beyond the set targets in 2016 Scotia Bank Charity Challenge in Mississauga marathon!


Thanks to the Lord – the 5km marathon in April was immensely successful! God has led 60 sighted and VIPs to participate in this event. Not only were other participating organizations encouraged via this event, they also got to know more about JBVC. We are grateful that the fundraising target was reached, and we have received an award from the Scotia Bank for raising the most amounts of funds. It was a great testimony of God’s amazing works. We’re so grateful that God has watched over JBVC, considering it is still a small, lesser-known charity.


Once again, we would like to thank you every brother & sister who participated or sponsored the event!


Read MORE, blog written by one of the runner



VIPs won the 2016 international America Region kanCha Award!


Thanks to the Lord – in July, Two VIPs competed in the 2016 International North America region Kamcha competition. Among all the experienced, sighted candidates, our VIPs were able to obtain the second place! May God be glorified!


We hope that in the future, Cultural Café will have more opportunities to collaborate with different organizations and churches, to use the God-given gifts and give back to the society.


Read More the interview by Stella Zhu 加国生活网life416



From Depression to Meaningful life!


Thanks to the Lord – God has led a friend from US to the Cultural Café and met with rev. Danny and his team. Three months ago, he started to suffer from depression because he could not accept the fact that he has become blind. Pastor Danny shared with him the works of God in his life, and this friend was deeply encouraged. Two weeks later, he decided to accept Jesus Christ as his personal god, and now he attends church and listens the bible regularly. He is able to live a life with meaning and hope!


Prayer items:


1.Pray that God will lead volunteers to serve in the Cultural Café and JBVC.

2.Pray that God will call a colleague to serve in JBVC.

3.Expansion of JBVC’s services to the Mississauga area in 2017

4.Funding for JBVC’s operations in 2017 – we pray that God will support us through offerings from church and brothers & sisters.


Supporting JBVC


JBVC manages by a small team of staff and unpaid volunteers. Please consider helping by making a single or regular donation at



All donations truly appreciate and help to cover the financial costs of maintaining and developing services for the VIP.



Unforgettable Christmas-Dine In the Dark

The Unforgettable Christmas is coming.  To join our Dine In the Dark at this special time.  Dec. 03, 2016 (Saturday). “暗中夜宴”比燭光晚餐更難忘!

Introducing the Exciting Dining Experience, all senses will be tantalized as guests are served a three course meal to explore your senses to the fullest! This unique experience is the perfect event for families, groups, and corporations to enjoy this exciting ‘in the dark” experience! The event is organized by JBVC.

  • Date: Saturday, December 03, 2016
  • Price:$28 per person
  • Venue: 105 Gibson Centre (South entrance), 105 Gibson Drive, Markham ON.
  • Time: 6:00PM – 9:30 PM
  • Reserve: Contact Rev. Leung at 647-558-5282 or email: info@jbvc.ca
Dine In the Dark English
Dine In the Dark English
Dine in the Dark Chinese
Dine in the Dark Chinese


Sweetie’s Farewell Party on Aug 13, Saturday

Thank you for your participation at Sweetie’s Farewell Party on Saturday August 13th! It was well-attended and we raised about $400 in total. About half of the proceed has been donated to the 105 Gibson Ministry and the rest to guide dog school.

Many of us learned tips and tricks about interacting with guide dogs and their owners. We also had lots of snacks and took pictures with Sweetie!


Special Events – 這里有光 伊甸盲人喜樂合唱團

親愛的樂明團友及家人 :
平安 ! 
九月份聚會又到啦 ! :
今次是誠邀台灣伊甸喜樂合唱團 (一班視障弟兄姊妹)
日期 : 9月24日(週六) 
時間 : 上午11時
地點 : 多倫多華人基督教會舉行(100 Acadia),
內容 : 音樂佈道會
We welcome all VIP, family and friends to attend. It is free. 
People can contact 647.558.5282 or info@jbvc.ca for more info.
這里有光 伊甸盲人喜樂合唱團
這里有光 伊甸盲人喜樂合唱團

喜訊!JVBC 獲Kam Cha 2016國際金茶王大賽-北美區亞軍

JVBC 喜獲2016年金茶王亞軍!2016年7月16日, 萬錦市新旺角廣場舉辦了“2016國際金茶王大賽-北美區. 我們的港式奶茶絕技得到大家的欣賞, 被評為2016年金茶王亞軍。 感謝主! 當日精彩回顧。


Ministry Spring Newsletter

Ministry Review

• Thank you god, JBVC has the opportunity to serve in Toronto Christian Community Church’s Out of the Cold program. We completed 11 Sundays of packing lunches for the homeless. We prepared over 550 sandwiches! We have 4 VIPS and 3 family members with brothers from the church were in the team. One VIP and one family member were joining for the first time.
• Thank you god we have done the Dinner in the Dark program for the community in March. We have around 50 guests attended the event. Among were pastors, business leaders, politician, friends and family members. They all enjoyed the meal and gained better understanding about blindness. Please click following link to read the review of a guest:


• Thank you god, we have outreached a VIP who has isolated himself over 2 years because of vision lost. We was able to comfort him, invited him to receive training from the café. Praise the Lord; he accepted Christ as his personal Savior when helper was sharing the Gospel with him. Today, he is one of the active members in the Café, attending Sunday service and weekly bible study!

Upcoming Events

• Thank you God, JBVC is doing the 5KM run in 2016 Scotia Bank Charity Challenge at Mississauga Marathon on Saturday April 30, 2016. It is a fundraising event for JBVC. We have 10 VIPS and over 30 sighted volunteers and family members are participating the 5KM run or walk. We target to raise $20,000.00 for the ministry. We are still far from our goal. Please support us by making the online donation through this link:


• Thank you God, the China Tour association has offered to provide 1 day trip for our VIPS and family members in the summer.
• JBVC is partnering with the VIP Joy Singing group from Taiwan in the weekend of September 30 to October 2, 2016 to host the evangelistic programs in local churches.
• JBVC is planning to host another Dinner in the Dark event in the Falls.

Prayer requests

• Pray God to give us the appropriate weather for the 5KM run / walk on Saturday April 30, 2016; protect us from any injury; allow us to enjoy the journey; and enable us to be His witness!
• Pray God to grant Rev. Danny Leung and Directors the wisdom to lead the ministry.
• Pray god to help all VIPS in the Café vocational training program to be His witness and glorify His Name!
• Pray God for the ministry’s financial need
• Pray God for new VIP believer to soon baptize and join church and glorify Him.
• Pray God to bless the upcoming events, one day trip with China tour Association; evangelistic programs with Taiwan’s VIP Joy Singing group; and the Dinner in the Dark event.

Please contact Rev. Danny Leung at danny.leung@jbvc.ca or call 416.725.3269 if you require any additional about JBVC.


Rev. Danny Leung