JBVC Updates

We are participating in the 2019 Global 6K For Water fundraising event running for World Vision’s Water Projects. You are
We are grateful to be part of the 17th annual International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination event. Welcome
Our Lunch in the Dark event was held recently at Chinese Gospel Church (Toronto). Praise our Lord for the sunny
Praise to our Lord that the Project Spotlight event has been completed successfully, with over 600 people and among them
For the grace of God, and thanks to BrokerTeam Insurance and many other organizations and supporters who come and work
With the support from Right-Hear, our 105 Gibson Cultural Café location is now the first Café in Canada which is
Shortly JBVC operated at 105 Gibson Cultural Café, JBVC approached City of Markham to change the grassy path on the
On May 5th, we participated in the Mississauga Marathon Race while raising funds for us through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.
Reflecting of 2017 Praise the Lord, JBVC has established a bimonthly meeting for the VIP in Mississauga in the beginning
Poster of TCBC community fair
請來品嘗免費的美味漢堡包*,薯條,雪糕並參與各種趣味活動。 時間: 2017年8月13日 下午12點到3點 地點: 多倫多華人浸信會 (比華利街76號) *送完為止 Come join us for FREE burgers*, fries, ice cream, fun activities and