JBVC – 5K Run/Walk (May 2, 2020) Registration Instructions

Thank you for participating the 5K Run/Walk with JBVC!

Since the 5K Run/Walk is organized by Mississauga Marathon, you need to register and pay the registration fee. However, if you help JBVC raise $200 as an individual OR $500 as a family of parent(s) with under-18 children, JBVC will re-imburse you the registration fees.

The registration process serves 2 purposes: registering you to the 5K event and setting you up to help fundraising for a charity, in this case JBVC.

Before you register, think about whether you want to set up an online fundraising team to raise fund as a group for JBVC. For example, you may want to create a team and fundraise as a family, a fellowship, a company or just a group of friends/supporters. Communicate with your group so that one of you will create a team and be the captain of the team. Preferably let the captain register and create the team first. Decide on a team name and a team fundraising amount goal. You can adjust both later on to reflect on the members and the number of members in the team.

Please visit the site below to register so that your registration(s) will be counted as registration(s) supporting JBVC.

1.  When you go to the raceroster site, please click on the REGISTER button.
2.  You will be prompted to provide an e-mail account and a password if it is your first time there. You will use this account to access the site throughout the fundraising event.

  • Enter your mail address.
  • Select “No, I want to create a password“. Enter a password which must be at least 9 characters long, contains at least one upper case and at least one numeric character.
  • Then you must check “I have read and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy”.
  • Click Sign Up to continue.
3.  For Sub-event, please select “Hazel” 5K Run / Walk – Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 CA$50.00.
4.  Fill in some general personal information.
5.  For Predicted Finish Time, enter your estimated time such as 00:50 if you are walking.
6.  If you are creating a fundraising team to fundraise as a group, please choose “I’d like to create a new fundraising team or relay team.”. Enter the team name, select JBVC as the preferred fundraising organization. It is important to select it right or your team will be fundraising for another charity.

Otherwise, please pick “I’d like to join an existing fundraising team or relay team.”. Please make sure you select the team your team captain created or the team “Joy Beyond Vision Community”, or you will be joining the wrong team.
7.  For the iTab Personalized Medal, it is a plate that you can stick to the medal (every registered walker will get a medal anyway). It is optional and up to you if you or your children want their name and their time to be on their medal. This cost will not be covered by JBVC.
8.  For promo code, please enter “JBVC”.
If you register before April, you can get the discounted rate of $45 ($56 after tax and processing fee). No harm to try JBVC anyway after March 31st, we’ll see whether we can get any discount even in April.
9.  Check “On behalf of all registrants, I agree to Waiver, Release & Indemnification” and click on CONINUE button
10.  Purchase registration code: choose No – you can always do it after registration.
11.  Make a donation: it is ok to choose No – you can always do it later.
12.  Then you review the order and the billing information. Fill in the credit card payment information.
13.  After submit, you will get a confirmation number on screen and receive an e-mail confirmation.
14.  For the team and individual online fundraising pages, you can log in raceroster using the account you created in step 2 to do updates.
15.  Please e-mail to info@jbvc.ca to let us know:
  • Your T-shirt size (Men/Ladies, X Large / Large / Medium / Small)
  • Whether you need shuttle bus transportation between Scarborough / Markham to Mississauga.