JBVC VIP Chinese New Year Bakes – 2023/01

JBVC Chinese New Year VIP Festive Bakes


JBVC Cafe will continue to launch a special VIP baked rice cake (Nina Gao) during the Chinese new year.  The rice cakes are golden and crispy on the outside, glutinous and soft with red beans and walnuts on the inside.  You won’t be able to stop singing its praises!

In addition to pastries, there are various flavours that are suitable for you and perfect for gifting: walnut cookies, cashew cookies, assorted nut-free cookies and pineapple cakes.

Early Bird Discount: (Deadline: January 14th)
VIP Baked Rice Cake $13.99 ($15.99)
Crispy Walnut Cookies $8.88 ($9.99)
Crispy Cashew Cookies $8.88 ($9.99)
Assorted Cookies $11.99 ($12.99)
Handmade Pineapple Cake $12.99 (Limited Quantity)

Available order online https://joy-beyond-vision-community.square.site/ or call/WhatsApp at (647) 771-5282

Thank you for supporting JBVC ministries and visually impaired people. We wish you all a blessed New year!